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Planning Consultant Services Explained

Zoning By-law Amendments

— Do you need to change the uses of your property or a structure from that permitted by the zoning by-law?
— Do you need to change or obtain an exception from some provisions of the zoning by-law for your property such as decrease the setback or increase your lot coverage?

We can assess the required amendment, provide advice and recommendations for the amendment process and act as your agent from preparing the application to attending at the required public meetings and coordinating the completion of any conditions that may be imposed by the Township.

Development Permits (Lake of Bays)

Lake of Bays has a Development Permit By-law which combines the zoning and site plan processes and is required for any development within the waterfront of lakes in the Township that are subject to the Development Permit By-law.


— Do you want to divide your property?
— Do you want to add to your property?
— Do you want to create lots for family members, estate planning or separate existing dwellings on a property?

We can provide advice on the best approach, prepare all necessary applications, and coordinate the preparation of all documents and plans to complete the process.

Subdivision & Condominium Planning

We can make the necessary applications for approvals of Plans of Subdivision and condominium and coordinate the various reports that are required to accompany the applications.

Project Coordination & Management

On larger projects, we can co-ordinate the development team of professionals. We can organize financial, time and service resources, coordinate meetings and follow through to ensure that tasks are being completed in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Land use planning and development and land division are processes with environmental, social, economic and aesthetic aspects. Often the processes require services of other professionals such as surveyors, engineers, architects, lawyers, contractors and biologists just to name a few. As planners we fill the role of project coordinator and we at Marie Poirier Planning have access to a team of professionals with demonstrated success working together to take your project to the "shovel ready" stage.

Official Plan Amendment

We can assess whether your plans for development conform to the Township’s Official Plan or if an official plan amendment is required for your project. We can make any necessary applications to amend the Plan and coordinate any required study.

License of Occupation

— Do you need to build or rebuild a dock, boathouse, or other shoreline structure?

If you don’t own the first 66 feet of shoreline in front of your property and have to rebuild a dock or boathouse you will have to obtain a License of Occupation from the Township. On several lakes in Muskoka the township owns the first 66 feet back unless in the past it was purchased from them and added to your property.

Sometimes during this process, encroachments on to your neighbour’s property or encroachments on to your property are identified. These matters have to be resolved through line diversions, easements or sometimes outright acquisition.

We have a great deal of experience in these applications and can take you from start to finish without you ever having to step foot into the Township office.

Minor Variance

Sometimes the change of use or exception from the zoning by-law that you require is “minor”. We assess the situation, provide you with advice and make an application for a minor variance rather than proceed by the more expensive and rigorous process of a full zoning by-law amendment.

Site Plans

Site plans are detailed sketches that accompany agreements registered on title. They are required for commercial developments and often for residential properties as a means of maintaining the natural character and environmental integrity of a property. We can coordinate preparation of the sketches, make the application and act as agent on your behalf to complete the process.

Site Analysis/Development Feasibility

— Do you need to know what you can do with your property?

— Are you thinking about buying a Muskoka property?

What are the policy and physical factors affecting the use and development of my property? We can prepare an analysis for you so that you can make your development plans knowing the costs and processes that will be involved.

Expert Witness/Evidence Preparation

Going to a Local Planning Appeal Tribunal? We have been qualified by the Board on numerous occasions as an ”expert” in the field of land use planning. We work with your solicitor to develop your planning case and to provide the evidence required for the Board to clearly understand your appeal and the planning matters of your case.