Do You Need A Planning Consultant?

NEW — Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry Work Permit for Docks and Boathouses

As the result of a recent court case decision, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) will now require a work permit to be issued for the construction of any dock, boathouse or structure over water that is over 15 m2 (161 sq. ft.) in size. With this additional layer of review, the process again becomes more cumbersome, especially for those who do not reside year-round in cottage country. Our firm can navigate the Provincial and Municipal approvals process from start to finish, without you having to leave your home or workplace to attend Council or Committee meetings.

Let our success be your comfort and relief. After all, is that not why you come to cottage country?

Pre-consultation & Site Development

We offer pre-consultation services, where we review the relevant materials, resources, policies and regulations and then physically assess your site to determine the feasibility of your proposal and offer alternatives and options to maximize the potential of your purchase. We will then work with you and your team, which often consists of a surveyor, designer and builder, to obtain the required planning and building approvals. We also provide overall project team management.

We have decades of experience in all facets of planning and development, including residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial – with a specialty in waterfront residential and commercial development here in cottage country. We have experience and backgrounds in all the disciplines that relate to planning, including biology, geography, sociology, economics and politics, the latter of which is vital to navigating through the “red tape” of the planning and development process.

Know Before You Buy (Planning)

Are you about to purchase a property and want to know what it will take to build your dream cottage, redevelop an existing property, or open your business? Perhaps you just want to know all the possible options for severance and/or development? We will review all the relevant materials, including the provincial and municipal legislative framework, meet with you on site, and ask you the questions that you need to ask yourself to achieve the best plan for you. We will then provide you with an expert opinion as to what we think we can reasonably achieve through the planning process. This process can be rigorous and is foreign to most people. Engaging us before you buy can help determine if the property is right for you, before you make such a significant investment.

Expert Witness at the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal)

Going to a Local Planning Appeal Tribunal? We have been qualified by the Board as an “expert” in the field of land use planning. We work with your solicitor to develop your planning case and to provide the required evidence for the Board to clearly understand and favour the planning merits of your matter, be it as an applicant or an appellant.